What's in Office 2003?

Microsoft Office includes the most popular applications, including Word and Excel, in one package. Microsoft, the program work well together, and though you may not have all the products of, you just need information between products. Microsoft offers several versions of Office Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition office. Collection Program, often referred to as the office suite of programs. You can use many of the programs of the individual, the construction of a set of products, but the package offers the best offer. If you think that the use of two or more Office products in the future, even if you can only have the time, considers itself one of the office suite is now to save money. There are also all the products on hand, so you can quickly when it is completed.

Here is a brief overview of the major office programs in Office 2003:
  • Word 2003 word processing program, which allows notes, notes, letters, documents, school, business documents, books, newsletters and web pages.
  • Excel 2003 spreadsheet program with electronics, you can use charts and tables, as well as other digital data. When you enter your data, to analyze the projections, which will take many, in the case scenarios, and to publish the tables on the Internet.
  • PowerPoint 2003 presentation with graphics that you create for seminars, presentations, schools, churches, Web-pages, and business meetings. You can not just PowerPoint presentations, as a rule, but it may also indicate a presentation.
  • Access 2003 is a database program, you can use these data. Regardless of what type or amount of data for access to analyze, classify, summarize and report data. Web pages, which you can find the most recent data from the database access.
  • FrontPage 2003 Web page design and layout program, the creation of Web-pages. FrontPage has changed over several generations in one of the most popular Web-design program. In FrontPage, you can not only design and create web pages, but you can create, build and manage Web sites and attention to the content. While the Web page with many other Office products, Microsoft FrontPage, which from the ground up for the best solution for your web page creation and editing needs.
  • Publisher 2003 is an editing program that allows the striking of all cases in all shapes and sizes. Editors, you can newsletters, flyers, brochures, business cards and more. Your computer drafting!
  • Outlook 2003 is a personal information manager (PIM), sometimes as a contact manager organizes your contact addresses, phone numbers and other information in the form of address book. Using Outlook for appointments, meetings, planning lists, notes, store, manage their Internet e-mail to all, and keep a diary of their activities.

Depending on the version of Office 2003 that you buy, you can, but not all of these products. For example, FrontPage 2003 version of Office 2003. When you shop for Office 2003 Suite to find the content of each version, make sure that you get all the tools you need now and in the future. For example, if you are absolutely sure that create and edit Web pages, it appears that Office FrontPage. If you have any doubts, FrontPage is a series without him. Fortunately, FrontPage, you can decide for themselves the question of the need for it later.

All common functions of the Office and menus. Figure 1.1 shows the screen in Word, for example, in Figure 1.2 shows the display in Excel. The two-screen menu. As you can see, these two program interfaces look nearly identical, although the effectiveness of these programs are quite different tasks. Once the menu with the Office product, another program of the menu is very easy to learn. The data for each program in a format different from the nature of these programs, but the standard interfaces.

Figure 1.1. The Word interface behaves like that of Excel
Microsoft Excel

Figure 1.2. The Excel interface behaves similar to that of Word.
Microsoft Word

In addition to working with the familiar interface of Office 2003 products, you can use the data you create a program to another program in the Office Suite. If you have an Excel spreadsheet with financial, such as tables in a document Word, that is on board and integrate them into a table in a PowerPoint presentation to shareholders. After the training program management, you will be comfortable with each other, as well as a common interface.

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