Getting started with web design

Before you begin, the site that you want to know the bits of the web design phase. But the web site is part of HTML, this is not the beginning. This guide explains some of the factors that you should know before coding site.

What is a Web site?

We all know what he looks like, but that such "

The website can be in many different shapes and sizes, there are many places in the world, and many styles / code of websites exist, but in simple words, a Web site, a collection of multimedia items, such as text, images, Photoshop, video, etc., are available online on the big WWW (World Wide Web). Web sites, as the public site for people to watch and see. There are also many different types of sites, including blogs, entertainment, forums, etc. I could finish, the definition of 'Go, but it is always easy!

There are different types of objects, such as:

  • Personal Web Site
  • Commercial Site
  • The Web site of the Government
  • Non-profit site

There are several types, but these guys for most sites, is currently in WWW (World Wide Web)

Web Hosting

If you have a site to be whole. If the Web server, designed specifically for hosting Web sites, it means that they are optimized for the task at hand, and host your site, and the home of your data. But there are so many sites exist, it would be right for you? To respond to different types of housing.

Free hosting

Free hosting, which she said, it's free. There is no credit card or PayPal account is not required, many hosts offer accommodation. If you have only the scene, and then the entire web site hosting is an excellent opportunity to experiment, such as Web programming, and, of course, the Internet host is working.

Free hosting with errors. For example, almost always free immedietly restrictions on your account. Restrictions such as no support for consolidation, for example, MySQL and PHP. And one of the most popular free hosting sites that force you to a declaration of the site, or automatically on their pages. But, as I said, it's free, you have to deal with these restrictions

I would like to say that the free hosting for the curious, or at the site, or a person who seeks to create a small personal website, which are not compatible with the mass volume of data traffic. When it comes to creating web site traffic can be a promising career hosting paid

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting a step to free hosting, as well as it can be very competitive prices can Littles $ 2 a month because of his involvement in the server to another very cheap prices. Total housing is often the most popular type of accommodation occassiated the system are the same. As a general web hosting, if you compare the prices of other guests and find the same price you can, as a rule, regardless of whether the provision of better services, while the other is to save the equipment.

If you are due to low prices for hosting the general, I believe that not only the service of debris. Remember that you are together with others, so that the price is low. That speed, and links to resources. Keep in mind that other sites on the same server. Therefore, if the page with a lot of resources on a server with all parties on the server slows down.

Paid / VPS Hosting

Paid / VPS hosting is the largest of the three types of accommodation, but also one of the most expensive. To place a paid for that you have multiple servers for free / apartment, and will be configured so that at high load, in contrast to the free housing. That's really the best hosting companies, but as I said, it is very expensive. And in contrast to the total price for hosting is usually different, they tend to have higher prices.

But if this is so expensive and that there, why it should exist. Well-paid, as a rule, means an organization's own server, which is ideal for business travelers corporate websites, and, as a rule, the parties, in the true sense of the word, more visits to the site 100K (in terms of loads on the scene)

This type of housing, which experienced webmasters and web hosting is not for beginners because it's expensive, servers are often very complicated and have many configurations to meet and decide.

Domain names / roster

Domain name is that purchased from the registration of domain names, domain names, addresses a habit that people can do. This is slightly different things, as a subdomain as an example site for free and the address of the domain the courts. Yourwebhost little, and that regardless of any other place.

Domain names may be different extensions at the ends of them, such as. NET,.,. ORG,.,. Gov,. Com, etc. In some cases you may have a habit, but these cost much money.

Domain name registration is a provider of domain names. There are many, and few roster each service will be different, but ultimately the same thing.

Getting Started

The beginning is always the most difficult in the beginning of a web page. It is necessary to take into account many factors, and if you are serious. Factors such content, which should be on my site, which features can also be found on my website. Factors such as those that must be addressed before the start.

The clever trick start

If you are stuck, you begin, you can use something as a CMS (Content Management System) is content management system, and install it on their site. CMS can be adapted to your wishes, and once again that the administration of all things, how difficult XHTML and CSS for you. That would be a good start for anybody, but I recommend that you not only use them as a CMS shorcut. This is a good idea to learn more about XHTML and CSS, to understand how, even if you do not code / design.

Get to work!

A good way to learn new methods of construction at the same time learn to create their own web site. Just knowing that already may be extended, and then learn to do things that I knew better.


Patience is an important factor in the implementation of the new website, if you no one will know how to work on as many links and back links as possible. Even in his first at neccesarly coding is not a trick. Do not worry. I remember the first version of GFX pulse again in 2006 were horrible, but I saw that some useful suggestions.

1. Not to pull all Web design / code work. Copy and expand it, learn from it. Improvement.

2. I remember looking for a good page looks good, but ultimately, the content of meat in their success

3. If you do not do anything. Learn how you can not refuse. There are many books on XHTML, HTML and CSS, etc., give your brain to work!

4. Getting visitors to your site takes a long time, indeed, the pulse GFX two years to be where it is today!

5. Finally. Enjoy a Webmaster! I like my site, never stop, because it is something for me. If your passion for it. Go for it. No one can stop them!

Finally ..

Then you have come so far. I hope this tutorial sheds light on the entire web design scene for some of you. Good luck in finding, and if you are here!

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